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Triumph Int. (SC) Limited is committed to treat our clients fairly by executing orders on terms most favourable to our clients without jeopardizing Triumph Int. (SC) Limited itself. As such, Triumph Int. (SC) Limited has implemented this Order Execution Policy (hereinafter referred as the “Policy”) aimed to obtain the best possible result for our clients, taking factors listed below into account.

The Policy is aimed to provide our clients with a general overview on the how trade orders are executed and the various factors that can affect the execution of the financial instruments offered by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited

Scope and application

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will always act as principle when executing transactions for the clients. This Order Execution Policy will apply whenever Triumph Int. (SC) Limited execute orders on behalf of its clients.

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will take all reasonable steps to obtain the best possible result for the clients as accordance to this Policy. The Policy takes into account factors such as the size of the order, liquidity availability of the underlying market, the priorities of the client with the purpose to provide the best outcome in the interest of the client, the characteristics of the client order and the characteristics of the financial instrument the is the subject to the order.

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited does not however guarantee that execution at our price will be more favourable than one which might have been available elsewhere.

Best execution criteria and relevant elements

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited receives price feeds from some of the world's leading liquidity providers to ensure the Client receives the best possible price quotes. Price quotes received by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited may be aggregated or otherwise at its own discretion before transmitting it to the Client's live trading terminal with the purpose to provide the Client the best possible price quotes.

Assuming there is no slippage occurs, trade orders accepted by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will be executed at the price requested by the client.

The company reviews its independent price providers once a year to ensure that correct and competitive pricing is offered to our clients.


Opening a position in some types of Financial Instruments provided by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited may require the client to pay commission and/or other fees if applicable. These charges are disclosed in the MetaTrader 4 Client Trading Terminal.


All orders submitted by the clients to Triumph Int. (SC) Limited are subjected to size consideration. The minimum size of an order is 0.01 lots i.e. 1,000 units of base currency. Although there is no maximum size for an order which can be submitted by the client, Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the right to decline an order if the requested size is larger than Triumph Int. (SC) Limited is able to trade in the underlying market, at the requested price, at that particular point of time. Greater liquidity may be offered to the client by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited at its own discretion.


Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will act as the principle for all orders submitted by the client. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited is committed to offer our client the best possible execution speed and strives to improve within the limitations of information and communication technology. Under normal circumstances orders will be filled at the requested price within less than a second, subject to liquidity depth. However, the use of any form of unstable or slow internet connectivity at the client's end may result in interrupted and/or delayed connectivity to our platforms; as a result, data transmission may be interrupted between the client and Triumph Int. (SC) Limited. As long as the size of the trade is above the minimum order size and as long as our client has sufficient margin available in their account for the trade order, the requested order will be filled. In certain circumstances due to poor connection speed, abnormal market volatility or in the event of intentional manipulation of our quoted price or other related data, the client's order may be declined by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited if the price requested by the client is not representative of the market price received by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited.

Orders Aggregation

The client's orders may at the discretion of TriumphFX be aggregated or split with Triumph Int. (SC) Limited own orders and/or orders of any of TriumphFX associates and/or other clients. Orders will only be aggregated or split where Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reasonably believes it to be unlikely that the aggregation or split will be unfavourable to any client. However, such aggregation may in abnormal circumstances work to the client's disadvantage.


Triumph Int. (SC) Limited aims to provide clients with the best execution available and to fill our client's orders at the requested price. However, in certain instances due to abnormal volatility in the market, orders may be subjected to slippage. TriumphFX hereby advise our clients that slippage is conventional in market practice in Forex Trading and a common feature of the foreign exchange market under conditions such as lack of liquidity and abnormal volatility due to economic events, major news announcements and market opening. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited cannot be held liable for losses suffered by the client caused by slippage.

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the rights to void any positions opened and was subsequently closed within 180 seconds. Any profit, loss, and/or commission fees made through these transactions may be deemed null and void.

Expected market volatility

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the rights to increase the initial margin requirement 24 hours prior to a major news release in preparation to an anticipated abnormal increase in market volatility. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited also reserves the rights to significantly increase the gap between limits and stops level during which Triumph Int. (SC) Limited believes that the market will be in extremely disadvantageous to Triumph Int. (SC) Limited and its clients.

Abnormal increase in market volatility

In order to protect Triumph Int. (SC) Limited from extremely disadvantage position, Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the rights to prohibit any new orders from opening during abnormal increase in market volatility.


Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will provide our clients with a secondary quote (Re-quote) in the event that the price specified in the instant order submitted to Triumph Int. (SC) Limited is not available. The secondary quote provided to our clients is the next best price given by our liquidity providers. The client must agree to accept the secondary quote in order for the re-quote to be executed.

Pending orders

Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the rights to disable pending order function on major news release without prior notice.


Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will monitor on an ongoing basis the effectiveness of our order execution arrangements and this Policy to deliver the most favourable result to our clients and identify and implement any appropriate enchantment. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the right to correct any deficiencies in the Policy and to make improvement to its execution arrangements wherever deemed necessary by Triumph Int. (SC) Limited without prior notice and the clients should therefore refer from time to time to the “Order Execution Policy” in the website of Triumph Int. (SC) Limited at Order Execution Policy for latest updated version of the “Policy”.

Abnormal Transactions

This platform can accept normal short-term trading of clients, but cannot accept customers using the Internet, online delay, an error or system loopholes of the law to make very short and thin and repeated Abnormal Trading.

Customer performing the Abnormal Transaction commits himself/herself and promises not to make the following prohibitive actions:

  1. To send a large number of harmful data in Abnormal Transactions to the Trading platform which can directly or indirectly affect the stability of the platform and the quotation.
  2. If Abnormal Transactions takes place frequently in the short term, golden means of money transfer (such related to the behavior of the "money laundering", a serious violation of the relevant financial management rules, once the investigation organ initiate an investigation, this platform will give cooperation).

Due to network delay, error or network failure, computer fault and system vulnerabilities the trading platform may not accurately reflect the real-time market prices. In order to ensure network winding the fairness and the rights and interests of the masses of customers, Triumph Int. (SC) Limited does not accept any use of operating platform holes or malfunction trading order, but also soft resolute don't allow customers through a third party (that is, the “software” plugin) using software vulnerabilities in order trading behavior. The masses of users in this platform to trade commitments and agreed to this platform according to the following standard exception trade:

  1. The platform will not regularly review customer recently and the past all transactions, according to the volume or order counts, when 30~50% of trade volume open time less than 10 minutes, we will be this account for further audit, the audit time need to lengthen a week.
  2. When the suspected abnormal trading deals 30% of single volume open time less than 10 minutes, this account is the exception of deals.
  3. When the suspected abnormal trading deals 30% of single volume belongs to hedge founded in 10 minutes lock the warehouse receipt, the account is abnormal trading of deals
  4. The number of deals has been a great variation, such as instant from 0.1 to 0.1 into 5 to 10 hands, transaction number times more differences, is the abnormal trading.

The methods of dealing with Abnormal Trading:

  1. Audit cycle trade single loss to the principal of 20% or more, do not make any processing, Will the amount distributed to clients.
  2. Review cycle trade deals loss is lower than 20% of the principal, will charge 10% of the amount as abnormal transaction costs, will be distributed to the customer balance again.
  3. In the period of review trade is profitable, will deduct all earnings and will charge amount 10% as abnormal transaction costs, will be distributed to the customer balance again.
  4. Abnormal trading account, once found will be permanently closed.

Produced by abnormal transaction commission to deduct, also may not be returned to the agent. above list is known and obvious part only, and the influence of a large number of unknown, is not obvious, such as meet the above definition of suspected abnormal trading account, the company will probably will after further review its for inspection list, audit time need to extend a certain date, the company reserves the final interpretation rights.

If you have any complaints or have any questions about the services we provide or any concern, please contact with us via Support Ticket from your Trader's Room.


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