Economic Calendar

Identify the important economic and data releases.

What is Economic calendar?

Economic calendar chronologically shows upcoming economic and political events, statistics and data releases. These economic and data releases are vital as they highlight how the economies across the world perform based on their macroeconomic data such as GDP, employment, consumption data and inflation. These will then affect how the country’s currency performs against another. One of the most prominent data releases being the Non-farm payroll.

Economic calendar provides traders with the schedule and information regarding all the data releases. See how to read.

How to read?

Event and schedule

The calendar shows a weekly schedule of data releases. A flag icon indicates the data release of that particular country, and next to it, its name. So you can quickly scan and see what currencies might be affected on that particular day.


Shortened to “Vol.”, it shows the impact of each data release. This is depicted as yellow/orange/red exclamation marks. Three red exclamation marks show that the data release is highly relevant and likely to cause more impact in the market.


Actual is the data released by each government following the schedule. When it’s released, you will find it displayed under the ‘Actual’ indicator. Otherwise, it will be blank.

Consensus is a general agreement or forecast of experts before the actual data release.

Previous is the previously released data.

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