Terms of Withdrawal


This document describes the terms, conditions and steps involved with Client's withdrawal process.

Important note

Please ensure that your MetaTrader 4 Trading Account has sufficient balance before creating a withdrawal request.

Warning: Margin Requirement of Open Positions
  1. Before submitting and requesting a withdrawal, the Client should be aware of any Open Positions in his/her/its Live Trading Account.
  2. Once a Withdrawal request is approved, the funds will be immediately deducted from Client's Live Trading Account balance.
  3. Client's Open Positions may be liquidated without prior notice if the Client's Live Trading Account balance falls below the Margin Requirement.
Notice: Intermediary Bank Charges
  1. All fund transfers are subjected to intermediary bank charges ranging from 25.00 USD to 75.00 USD per transaction.
  2. The client will bear all bank charges levied by the Remittance Service Providers, Intermediary Banks or Receiving Banks for the transaction, which will be automatically deducted from the Client's withdrawal amount by the relevant Banks. Therefore, the client must ensure that the requested withdrawal amount is adequate to absorb the intermediary Bank charges.
Adjustment Requirement and Authorization
  1. The Client at all times must maintain his/her web account balance at zero or positive in the Trade's Room.
  2. If the Client's Trader's Room account balance is negative, making a request to Pull would set off the negative balance.
  3. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the right to reject any withdrawal request if the Client's Trader's Room web account balance is negative.
Withdrawal Process
  1. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited only accepts withdrawal requests via bank wire transfer.
  2. The requested amount of withdrawal must be equal or less than the amount of Equity less Credit less (hereinafter as the “Maximum Withdrawal Amount”).
  3. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the right to reject any withdrawal request if the amount requested exceeds the Client's Maximum Withdrawal Amount.
  4. Clients can ONLY submit withdrawal requests through the Trader's Room. Please ensure that your MetaTrader 4 Trading Account has sufficient balance before creating a withdrawal request.
  5. Upon the submission of the withdrawal request, the withdrawal request will be reviewed and approved within 1 to 2 business days, which is subject to terms and conditions set in this document.
  6. Upon reviewing and approval of the withdrawal request, the Client's MetaTrader 4 Live Trading Account balance will be deducted.
  7. It can take another 2 to 5 business days for Triumph Int. (SC) Limited's Accounts Department to remit the fund from our Bank after the withdrawal request is approved.
  8. It can take an additional 5 to 7 business days for the funds to reach the Client's Recipient Bank Account after the remittance has been made.
Rejection by Recipient Bank
  1. Before submitting a withdrawal request, Client must understand that the withdrawal is subjected to rejection due to errors committed by but not limited to Triumph Int. (SC) Limited, The client and the Bank. The Client further understands that the rejection may delay the process extensively.
  2. If the Client receives a rejection notice from the Client's Recipient Bank, the Client must create a support ticket from his Trader's Room to raise the issue at the earliest.
  3. Once a support ticket is received, our Accounts Department will wait for the rejection notice from our Bank before taking further action. Our Accounts Department will guide and work to resolve the dispute with the Client only via the support ticket.
  4. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will only remit the fund to the original bank account account or reverse the withdrawal request and return the fund back to the Client's live trading account, whichever the Client's prefer, only after Triumph Int. (SC) Limited has received confirmation of rejection notice from our Sending bank.
  5. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited will assume the remittance was successfully remitted to the Client's Recipient Bank account if it is not notified via the support ticket.
Revocation of Bonuses
  1. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the right to decline, cancel or reverse any or all bonus at its sole discretion, without the need to provide any justification or explanation for such a decline or cancellation.
  2. Any remaining Credit in your Live Trading Account may be revoked or cancelled if you transfer any amount of your Balance out of your account at Triumph Int. (SC) Limited's Accounts Department sole discretion.
Amendment to Existing Terms
  1. Triumph Int. (SC) Limited reserves the right to amend, alter, modify, add or delete this document from time to time without prior notice. Therefore, the Clients are obliged to check and read this document from time to time for any changes, especially before making any withdrawal request.

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